Do Yourself a Favor; Come to a Gallery

As Alyx wrote last time in this blog, it’s time for the Alameda On Camera Event again at Frank Bette Center for the Arts. I would like to personally invite you to the gallery to check it out. It doesn’t cost anything and there’s plenty of free parking. The Gala Opening event takes place 4/10/15 at 7 to 9pm. That’s this Friday.

If you can’t make it for the opening, don’t panic. This event will be up in the gallery until May 30th.
For those of you who would like to know how the Alameda On Camera, or 48-48-48 event works, check out Alyx’s blog from last year that explains the in’s and out’s.

Seriously, when was the last time you ventured out and checked out a gallery? I think it’s time. For those living in the SF Bay Area, I want to emphasize that it’s not that difficult to get to Alameda. It’s a wonderful community just off the Bay Bridge and squeezed in beside Oakland. If you visit, you’ll see a lot of the charm and personality that we keep going on about, and that makes up the subject of the current photography/art exhibit at Frank Bette. And it’s all FREE (did I mention that?)!

Here is the address and a map to the gallery so you don’t have to go hunt it down.
Frank Bette Center for the Arts
1601 Paru Street (at Lincoln)
Alameda, CA 94501

Here are a few images that I took for this year’s event that I didn’t submit for the final images.

Model T at Sunset - BWFoggy Marina Line-Up






School Buses in the FogVictorian Porch with Green Man OrbVictorian and Palm Tree






As Alyx mentioned in the last Blog, if you know when you’re going to be visiting, drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you, and may be able to meet you there and show you around the place. Don’t be shy, and enjoy the art.

Golden Gate Bridge

As my wife Alyx and I started up our MAS Artwork business, we excitedly started gathering potential images and ideas for my future stippling projects. She already had so many wonderful photos from her various travels, there were tons from which to choose. Then I also started taking my own photos in earnest. With so many images and so little time, it is always difficult to figure out which one to start on next.

One of the directions that seemed mandatory for our future business is a travelogue of tourist sites. Living in the San Francisco Bay area, it seemed only fitting that I start there. My plan is to get a good collection of 6-10 works of art that depict the traditional icons the world associates with this area. Then I can make a collection of cards or postcards to sell as a set. One of the landmarks that I have already completed is the Palace of Fine Arts. I also recently did a Victorian house, but the house I chose is in Alameda. Most people more easily recognize the “Painted Ladies” from San Francisco as the iconic image know world-wide. So, I may at some point do an image of them to add to the collection.

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Not too long ago Alyx and I decided to take a day and head out to San Francisco, and walk around taking pictures of as many tourist sites as we could fit in a day. The challenge is that each of these landmarks has been covered and documented by millions of tourist and professional photographers in millions of ways. We found that we can still get images that are unique to our eye and still make a great composition. We visited the aforementioned Painted Ladies, Seal Beach, and walked (most of the way) across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The latest work of art that I have just completed is that coup de grace of San Francisco landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. We took pictures from both sides of the bridge, and happened to get there on a great morning where there was both sun and fog. As we were informed, if there is fog, it is normally higher on the bridge obscuring the span and cables but showing clearly the water below. We captured the reverse. It was amazing watching the seemingly solid entity creeping into the bay, yet still seeing the sun blasting the peaks of the towers. This, I tried to capture in my stippling. Here are a few images of the picture as I worked on it.

Golden Gate Bridge Stipple in Progress

Golden Gate Bridge Stipple in Progress

Golden Gate Bridge - Dipped in Fog

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge Dipped in Fog

Golden Gate Bridge Dipped in Fog

I hope you like it.

MAS Artwork

Help us win Grant Money from FedEx

Hello everyone.

Today, we’d like to ask you for your help. Alyx and I are trying to win a contest FedEx is running in which they are giving away grant money. As you know, we sell our photographs and artwork on Etsy, but we are hoping to expand to selling at art fairs and festivals, so we’d like to win this money to fund that portion of our business. Starting up and getting all the things necessary for this endeavor takes more capital than you might think. Not the least of which is a tent, display stands or tables, lots of prints to sell, and a way to haul everything around to the various cities.

How can you help? I’m glad you asked.
There’s only two steps.
1. Click on the link below
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That’s it. That’s all there is to it. By the way, you can do this every day until February 23rd. Personally, Alyx and I have a reminder set up in our calendar programs, so we get an alert that pops up daily to remind us and it has the link in it. So, boom, click to the page, vote. Done.

There are also options for you to share this on all sorts of social media, and it would help us out if you share as much as you can.

Alyx and I appreciate all the help, votes of support, and the effort you take to help us achieve this goal. Thank you so much.

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Lake Tahoe 2012 - Heavenly LightSantorini SunriseAlameda Victorian Stipple

Stippling Victorians

Hello, Craig here.

Today I want to talk about my latest stippled piece. It is a house of Victorian design, and is probably one of the most recognizable and gorgeous on our island of Alameda. Every year, a gallery on the island [Frank Bette Center for the Arts] hosts an event called “Alameda on Camera”. It’s coming up again, so I’m sure that subject will be a blog of its own shortly, so I won’t go into it all here. Suffice it to say, that it’s a group of local artists and photographers that take pictures of various locations around the island. Alyx has done this for three years running, and I did it last year for the first time. While participating in this event, I got the idea to do a stipple piece of this grand Victorian. My assigned location didn’t include this house, but I know my Mom has frequently drooled over this place whenever she visits from South Carolina.

Alameda Victorian

That got me thinking about the various artwork my Mom has displayed in her house. Now, I’m one of three of her children, and all us siblings have a talent for art. For some reason, my Mom has very little of our works displayed. She has a couple watercolors from my sister Jenny that I know of, but the only picture she has of mine is an oil painting that I did for a painting class from community college. It was just a still life of a banana and some grapes, and I’ve never felt that it was one of my best works, and certainly not something I would say says something about me as a person or an artist.

So, when I saw the Victorian, I decided that I would create a stipple illustration of it as a Christmas present for my Mom. One of the great things about doing artwork of Victorian houses, is that it’s so much fun. They have so many details, trim, nooks and crannies that it keeps it fun. Start playing with lights and shadows and it virtually starts jumping off the page. I started work on it back in April or May last year, and got it done about a week and a half before Christmas. It sat dormant for most of the months in between, but I’m so glad I finished it in only one year (and it wasn’t that much of a deadline crunch either. Yay, me). So, I sent it off, and it arrived around Christmas, give or take a day. In the words of my Mother, she was so tickled. Now she has a beautiful original piece of artwork from her son that she can proudly show off and boast about to her friends.And here it is for you to share too.

Alameda Victorian Stipple

Thanks for coming by, and don’t forget to visit our Etsy site for many more images: