Practice, Practice, Practice

An artist must always continue to hone her craft.  It’s how she grows, learns new methods and maybe even finds new facets of her art to explore.  To that end, I’ve recently signed up for a class in photography, and I’ll be sharing some of my pieces with you from the class.

But I also want to share an online tutorial that I’ve found to help me fumble around in Photoshop and offer some tips and tricks.

I found Yanik Chauvin’s Photoshop & Lightroom for Photographers tutorial through (a place where you can get lots of online courses for very cheap prices).  But in looking at his website, I see that he has quite a few more courses to offer, and they all appear to be free.  I’m still working through the one I got from Udemy, but you can bet your boots that I’ll be signing up for his others, too.  He covers a wide array of tools you can use in Photoshop that I’ve found very helpful and his manner of teaching is calm and thorough.

Another site I’m going to point you to is for a friend of mine.  I met Roi Brooks while working for an advertising company a few years back.  His infectious laugh and wonderful hugs drew me in and I looked forward to seeing him each day.  I found out that he did some photography on the side, and everything I saw was very cool and quirky.

So when I started to get into photography as a career and not just a hobby, I asked for his help in mentoring me.  He currently splits his time between the Bay area and Belize, so we aren’t able to get together that often, but I’ve discovered that he also offers some tips and tricks on his own blog, so I’ll be checking those out in the spaces between our meetings.

Roi travels all over the world, taking product photos and whatnot, so I’d say he’s currently my photography idol.  I’d love to get paid to take photos around the world.  But as you can see on his photography website, he also does some very interesting things with his personal photos.

I’d love to hear any tips or websites you use for enhancing your photos, so please feel free to leave them in the Comments section.

‘Til next time . . .