Do Yourself a Favor; Come to a Gallery

As Alyx wrote last time in this blog, it’s time for the Alameda On Camera Event again at Frank Bette Center for the Arts. I would like to personally invite you to the gallery to check it out. It doesn’t cost anything and there’s plenty of free parking. The Gala Opening event takes place 4/10/15 at 7 to 9pm. That’s this Friday.

If you can’t make it for the opening, don’t panic. This event will be up in the gallery until May 30th.
For those of you who would like to know how the Alameda On Camera, or 48-48-48 event works, check out Alyx’s blog from last year that explains the in’s and out’s.

Seriously, when was the last time you ventured out and checked out a gallery? I think it’s time. For those living in the SF Bay Area, I want to emphasize that it’s not that difficult to get to Alameda. It’s a wonderful community just off the Bay Bridge and squeezed in beside Oakland. If you visit, you’ll see a lot of the charm and personality that we keep going on about, and that makes up the subject of the current photography/art exhibit at Frank Bette. And it’s all FREE (did I mention that?)!

Here is the address and a map to the gallery so you don’t have to go hunt it down.
Frank Bette Center for the Arts
1601 Paru Street (at Lincoln)
Alameda, CA 94501

Here are a few images that I took for this year’s event that I didn’t submit for the final images.

Model T at Sunset - BWFoggy Marina Line-Up






School Buses in the FogVictorian Porch with Green Man OrbVictorian and Palm Tree






As Alyx mentioned in the last Blog, if you know when you’re going to be visiting, drop us a note. We’d love to hear from you, and may be able to meet you there and show you around the place. Don’t be shy, and enjoy the art.

Travels to the Midwest

Alyx and I are currently on a vacation trip to our homeland of the Midwest. Specifically, Mid-Michigan. We both grew up there in neighboring small towns, and both graduated from Holt High School in Holt, Michigan. We took this vacation to show my daughter Athena where we grew up, and introduce her to the finer things of Michigan, such as: its summer, Faygo Pop (Red Pop, Rock & Rye, Creme Soda, etc.), Vernor’s Ginger Ale, swimming in Lake Michigan and the many inland lakes. Athena was in Michigan only once before, but she was only two years old, so she doesn’t remember it. It was in the winter-time, so it was her first experience with snow. We bundled her up in a snow suit and went sledding as Michiganders do in the winter months. She had a ball, but as I said, she doesn’t remember it. So, now that she’s 14, she’ll remember this trip much more, and the bonus is a very wonderful Michigan summer.

Michigan had a really long, cold, snowy winter this year, which is now resulting in such lush greenery I feel like I’m wearing emerald goggles at the Emerald City in Oz. My first picture is a typical dirt road in Michigan. Let me just say to all of you that live in cities and never see them that, yes, they still exist. This is the quintessential dirt road in my mind.

A Michigan Dirt RoadWhile we were staying with my wife’s family, we took our cameras on our short journeys and didn’t have to travel far to get great pictures of some interesting barns. Here are a couple images for all you barn- and country-loving people out there. These barns can be found in Mason, Michigan.

Broken Barn DoorSpare Barn with Wagon WheelsMany people from Michigan are vary familiar with the phrase “going up to the lake”. ‘Up’ in this instance can mean anywhere north of Lansing. There are countless small to midland sized lakes in the lower peninsula, and more in the upper peninsula. Most Michiganders have relatives, or know friends or friends’ relatives that have summer cabins on on of these lakes, and it is a great summer past time. My wife has family with a cabin at Crooked Lake. Here are a couple pictures from that area “up at the lake”.

Dock on Crooked Lake Michigan Stone HouseBecause of our trip (and my own procrastination), this blog is a little late in the launch. I apologize to everyone for the delay, especially those who wait with baited breath every 2 weeks to see what we are up to. I’m sorry.

If you’d like to be one of those baited breath people, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, and be free with the comments. That’s what makes it fun for us, and hopefully you as well.

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Grand Opening of the MAS Artwork Website!

trumpets trumpets2Roll out the red carpet! Sound the Trumpets!
It’s done.

We’ve completed our brand new MAS Artwork website (, and it’s up and running. You can now browse our many galleries and then purchase any of the images at a variety of sizes to hang up in your very own living room. Our payment services are with PayPal, so it’s quick and easy, and you can use PayPal itself or use your credit cards with them.

The New MAS Artwork Website

The New MAS Artwork Website

On our site, we’ve separated our photography and artwork into various galleries. They are: Architecture, Cemetery, Scenic, Stairs, Portraits, Miscellaneous and Statuary & Fountains. We will still have our images up on our Etsy site ( But we will have much MORE on our own site, with more coming all the time.

In honor of our launch, I have added a preview of my images from my recent trip to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe was beautiful as usual, and the warm low-precipitation Spring season made for some unique images showcasing a mixture of snow-capped peaks and exposed mountainsides and earth.

Fallen Leaf Lake - Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake – Lake Tahoe

These first images are from a nearby small lake called “Fallen Leaf Lake” just south of Lake Tahoe. I caught it in the early morning, and the water was as still as ice. It was also super-reflective and clean, making it perfect for mirror shots. I had to do a bit of walking through some pine tree woods, and down a grade. It was very relaxing though as I was the only one for miles it seemed. When I reached the bottom there was a rocky edge just wide enough to stand on, and the trees parted and I was confronted with the view you see below. Beyond the mountain peak in the images is “Emerald Bay”, a famous inlet of Lake Tahoe you’ll be seeing pictures of soon. The climb back up the grade was pretty strenuous, but I had the memories of the scenes I just experienced reminding me that it’s all worth it.







Thanks for spending some time with us.
MAS Artwork