Alameda Art & Wine Faire Wrap Up

Well, last month was our second art fair of the year . . . The Alameda Art & Wine Faire on Park Street.

With temperatures in the low 70s all weekend, we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.  And that wonderful, sunny weather encouraged thousands of visitors to walk the festival.  We had tons of new people in our booth, admiring this photo or that image, and Craig was even approached by a couple of people about possible commissions (which he does . . . check out his portraits site here).

We also got to meet some other nearby vendors to get their take on things, and pick up any tips we could about how to improve our festival experience (remember, we ARE still relatively new to this).  One fellow vendor even offered suggestions of some other venues we might check out for next year.

We even had a great lesson in not assuming who will or won’t buy our art.

A younger gentleman walked into our booth toward the end of the day on Sunday.  He was admiring some of the stipple art that Craig had up, and mentioned that he, too, was an artist.  His specialty wasn’t stippling, but he admired Craig’s patience, and they got to talking more about art styles.

As I said, this gentleman looked to be young–maybe even college age–and so we assumed he didn’t have a ton of money to spend on art.  So we just sat and enjoyed our conversation with him, and answered his questions about certain pieces as he rooted through our print bins.

But he actually found one that he couldn’t part with and wound up purchasing it!  YAY!

We also did another contest giveaway for a free print.  People who came into our booth were encouraged to sign up for our newsletter, and doing so would enter them into the contest to win one of our images (valued at $65).  Many of them did, and our latest winner is Simon Boyd!

Santorini SunriseThe print he chose was Santorini Sunrise . . . the same one chosen by our previous winner.  Hmmm . . . maybe we need to bring that one to the art fairs next year.  :o)





But Craig and I got to thinking that we’d like to expand the contest next year.  So what we’re going to do is include all of you, our blog and newsletter readers, in future contests.  Some action will be needed on your part, but it’s simple.  Just comment on our blog to let us know which image(s) you’d like to own and your name will be included in our next drawing (don’t worry, we’ll remind you of the “rules” when we let you know about the next art fair).

Anyway, we had a great time at the Downtown Alameda Art & Wine Faire this year, and we can’t wait to see what art fairs we’ll be doing next year.

Thanks for reading!

Alameda Spring Arts Festival

Alameda Spring FestivalDowntown Alameda’s Spring Festival
May 7 & 8, 2016

Well, our first art fair of the year is almost upon us, and Craig and I are busy with all the preparations.  We’ve got our tent, panels, inventory (including some new stuff), and water . . . you need plenty of water!

We really enjoyed our first art fair last July (which we’ll do again this year), but this Spring Arts Festival promises to be a lot of fun, too.
Situated on one of the main streets in Alameda (Park St), there will be TONS of great food on offer (restaurants as well as booths).  There are two stages where you can hear lots of great music.  Kids will have plenty of things to keep them occupied as well.  In addition to all of that, many Alameda businesses will be offering discounts on their classes and merchandise.And last, but not least, are the amazing arts and crafts you can purchase . . .As I mentioned above, Craig and I will be offering some new inventory.  We’ve added more prints (including some of his stipple art), and even a new item for us – greeting card sets.  To keep with the theme of the Spring Festival, these greeting card sets will be lovely flowers that I’ve captured through the years . . . some of which were even taken here in Alameda!So mark your calendars and bring your mom down to Alameda for the Spring Festival!  And stop on by our booth to see our new items, or even to just say “Hi!”

What Next

As Craig wrote in his blog post this month, we had a nice response to our first art fair.  The question now is . . . what to do next?

As you probably know, there are thousands of art fairs and festivals that happen throughout the calendar year, but we’ve already ruled out several of them because we still don’t want to venture too far away from home just yet.  It’s costly enough to work an art fair without adding in travel or shipping costs.

But still, even after deciding to focus on fairs no more than 50 miles from home, there are quite a bit to choose from.  So we have to do some more research, figure out which ones would fit into our schedule, and then send out applications and cross our fingers that we’ll get accepted.

Another thing we’re going to start looking into is the wholesale market.  It seems to me that we both have several images (some not even on our site yet) that would be perfect for products you could find in stores (whether it’s prints at IKEA, jigsaw puzzles, or even pillowcases).  We just need to figure out how to break into that market.

We’ve been studying some articles on this very subject, and will be looking for seminars or conferences that we can attend that would give us some insights as well.  If you know of any, please feel free to mention them in the comments!

But first and foremost, the thing we need to get back into is editing the pictures we’ve already got.  There are a couple of trips from this year (and even last year) whose photos we’ve barely looked through, let alone edit and add to the website.  So that has to be priority number one.  Because–regardless of how many art fairs we work, or how many wholesalers we sign on with–none of it will last very long if we don’t continue to add images/products to our line and cull what might not work anymore.

So . . . sorry to cut this short, but I’ve got to go edit some images.  ;o)