Something Else

Earlier this year I talked about trying something new with photography.  Since I was so successful at that, I thought I’d venture into another direction . . . Stock Photography!

I know a couple of photographers who have some photos up in stock photography websites, & they’re bringing in all sorts of extra cash.  I’ve also begun to read some articles about it, in the hopes of figuring out the ins & outs, as well as learning from others’ mistakes of what NOT to do when submitting photos.

And the more articles I read, the more I realize that I’ve likely been taking some great stock photos all along!  I enjoy taking photos of everyday things; especially at unusual angles.  Well, those things seem perfectly suited for these sites.

Venturing into this new realm brings some challenges, though . . . I’ve got six years’ worth of potentially viable photos that I need to look through to find which ones will be my best options.  Six years’ worth of vacations, photo classes, photo contests, etc.  So it’s gonna take me some time to weed through all my images.

It’s also going to take me turning off my artistic brain to some degree, since stock sites are often looking for straight forward images for graphic designers, & marketing people to use to help tell their own story.  But, as I said, many of my images are straight forward while still being artistic, so I think I’ll be okay.

Besides, the possible payoff will be totally worth it.  Some of these articles I’ve been reading talk about people being able to retire from their day jobs & travel the world, getting paid for taking photographs.  True, it’s taken many of them 5+ years to get to that point, but they had to start somewhere.  And I figure–if I get started now–by the time I’m ready to retire, I’ll hopefully have a nice, steady, side income to help augment my Social Security (or replace it, depending on what the future brings).

Here are some of my past images that I’m checking to see if they’d fit stock photo agency specifications:





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