New Arrivals!

You wanted ’em, we’ve got ’em . . . our latest photos are here for you to enjoy/purchase!

Like with everyone else, our holiday season was busy, what with traveling to see family and whatnot.  But we know you’ve been looking for new images on our site.  And we’re here to deliver.

It’s been a long-standing tradition of mine to travel somewhere I’ve never been before on my birthday, and last year’s trip was an Alaskan cruise!  We started and ended the cruise in Seattle, so I’ve got a couple of shots of the iconic Space Needle available:



Not only do I love to travel, but I also collect hearts (my wedding ring is in the shape of a heart).  So, I naturally had to capture this shot of a heart-shaped water fountain.  I took a few photos with the water blurred, too, but this one turned out the best, in my opinion.


The next few images are from Craig’s camera, and were taken in our various ports in Alaska.

Craig sees the beauty in run-down things, so he captured a great shot of an old train engine while we were in Skagway, Alaska.  The sepia tone of the image really helps show the age.


He also likes to take panoramic shots, as you’ve probably seen in his Fallen Leaf Lake photo.  Well, he found a beauty while our ship was cruising near the Sawyer Glacier.


We’ve got plenty more coming from the Alaska trip (including some breathtaking waterfalls), so stay tuned for the next installment!


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