There are some great moments of validation in an artist’s career:

  1. When someone likes a piece of your work
  2. When someone likes a piece of your work enough to buy it
  3. When you win an award for a piece of your work

Thankfully, I’ve had the first two happen . . . and now I can say I’ve hit the trifecta!

A few weeks back I submitted one of my photos for an online contest with a company called Art Forward Contests (unfortunately their site is down for maintenance, but please check back):

Lake Tahoe 2012 - Heavenly LightThis piece, called Heavenly Light, is one of the images that, while I was capturing it, I KNEW would be amazing (provided I caught it right).  So I was thrilled when I saw how it turned out.

That’s why I thought to include it in the Art Forward contest.  And when I heard from them two weeks ago that I won, I was over the moon!  There were over 800 artists who submitted their pieces for this contest, and mine was chosen for the Bronze award!  According to the congratulatory letter that came in the email, my name will show up on a double-page spread in an upcoming International Gallery Guide.  This guide is distributed in Galleries, Museums, and other locations, and apparently reaches hundreds of thousands of art patrons around the world.  In addition to that, my image and contact information will appear in the “Winners” section of the website (when they finish updating it), which has a following of about 15,000 and growing.

I think I literally bolted out of my seat and jumped up and down for joy when I read the email, for I can now call myself an award-winning photographer.  I did win one before for a piece called Open Reflection, but that was when this was all just a hobby for me . . . when I was just testing the waters to see if I could make a go of this photography business.  For some reason, this award seems more of a validation, saying “Yes, your photography is good enough.  You may continue.”

It also encourages me to continue submitting my photos to contests.  Who knows, the next award I receive might be the Gold.

Launching New Website! Just in time for Christmas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, announcing a brand new website from us at M•A•S Artwork.

Portraits by Craig Smith!

Now you can commission personal artwork from me, and take advantage of the years I’ve spent honing my craft at drawing likenesses of people and animals. I’ve drawn portraits since I was in junior high, babysitting for my neighbors kids and drawing them from their school pictures. Throughout the years, I’ve created artwork for comics and conventions selling prints of famous characters and actors. No matter which profession I’ve pursued, I always seem to gravitate back to portraits, I think, because I love seeing the joy on the client’s face when they see the piece of art carefully depicting their loved one(s). Click the image below to go to my website and start looking around.

MASArt-Launch1Christmas is right around the corner. So is Valentine’s Day (you don’t have to wait until the new year). Remember, it takes time to actually produce the piece of art, and my availability may fill up fast, so get in your orders for a commission early. You can also buy prints of most of my previous work to hang on your own walls, or give them as gifts too.

There are more changes coming to the website, and a few little bits are still under construction, but the site will be complete in a couple days. But I didn’t want you to have to wait, so you can start looking around right now.


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