New Ways to Connect

Hello everybody.

In our current quest to have M•A•S Artwork blossom, we have recently signed on with Constant Contact (an email marketing provider). With that move, we started several different mailing lists which are attached to different newsletters, each of which has a different focus. What that means for you is that we are offering all of you readers here on our WordPress Blog a chance to sign up for our newsletters.

Sign Up Now

Here is the list of the different email lists that you may choose when you sign up for our newsletters. When you click the button, there will be a set of checkboxes, and you can sign up for any or all of them.

  • General Interest: General news about what we’re doing, planning and various miscellaneous information
  • What’s New: This will go out and announce when we have new images that we are listing on our website.
  • Bi-Monthly Blog: Basically similar to this blog.
  • Art Fair & Exhibit News: Specific information on where we are showing our work, and where you can go to see us in person or purchase our work.

Speaking of which. We just sent out a newsletter announcing that we put new images up on our website. Next time, you could get that news right in your email inbox. Here’s a peek.

Spinning-WheelCornCrib OldBridge

We look forward to staying in touch with you in new and wonderful ways. As always, don’t be shy about commenting and sharing. We love personal interaction with all of you.

Sign Up Now

Thank you for stopping by and reading.

M•A•S Artwork


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