What Next

As Craig wrote in his blog post this month, we had a nice response to our first art fair.  The question now is . . . what to do next?

As you probably know, there are thousands of art fairs and festivals that happen throughout the calendar year, but we’ve already ruled out several of them because we still don’t want to venture too far away from home just yet.  It’s costly enough to work an art fair without adding in travel or shipping costs.

But still, even after deciding to focus on fairs no more than 50 miles from home, there are quite a bit to choose from.  So we have to do some more research, figure out which ones would fit into our schedule, and then send out applications and cross our fingers that we’ll get accepted.

Another thing we’re going to start looking into is the wholesale market.  It seems to me that we both have several images (some not even on our site yet) that would be perfect for products you could find in stores (whether it’s prints at IKEA, jigsaw puzzles, or even pillowcases).  We just need to figure out how to break into that market.

We’ve been studying some articles on this very subject, and will be looking for seminars or conferences that we can attend that would give us some insights as well.  If you know of any, please feel free to mention them in the comments!

But first and foremost, the thing we need to get back into is editing the pictures we’ve already got.  There are a couple of trips from this year (and even last year) whose photos we’ve barely looked through, let alone edit and add to the website.  So that has to be priority number one.  Because–regardless of how many art fairs we work, or how many wholesalers we sign on with–none of it will last very long if we don’t continue to add images/products to our line and cull what might not work anymore.

So . . . sorry to cut this short, but I’ve got to go edit some images.  ;o)


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