Taking the Next Step

There are many ways for an artist to make a living with his/her art.  When Craig and I were mulling over how we’d achieve the goal of being our own boss with our art, the first idea that seemed plausible to me was working art fairs.  I always thought it would be a fun way to travel and see new towns, meet new people and get our art seen by the most people.

Two years later and we’re finally going to see if that idea will be a successful one for us!

I have a tendency to jump right into the fray and see where it leads, and I believe that you need to keep moving forward, making new and scary choices, if you want to grow as a person.  Thankfully, those ideas are also true if you want to grow as an artist.  So earlier this year I submitted our artwork for a local art fair.  I’d only sold one of my pieces last year during a local exhibit, and Craig finally sold one at this year’s exhibit, but other than that, our stuff has gone mostly un-purchased, so there was no way to know if we’d get accepted to the art fair.  During the month between applying and receiving the answer I must have checked our business account two to three times a week, trying to see if the check I’d written for the booth fee had been cashed.  When we finally received the letter telling us we’d gotten in to the art fair, I literally jumped for joy!

I once read that it takes most people anywhere from three to seven times before a company’s name sticks with them.  That’s what’s known as brand recognition.  This means most artists need to put their stuff out there anywhere from three to seven times, with no success, in order for someone to just remember said artist.  A lot of cost is involved in doing that, so it can seem daunting to think that you’ll have to essentially “fail” up to seven times before someone recognizes your name or art and decides that they just HAVE to have one of your pieces.  However, without being conscious of that fact, that’s what Craig and I have been working on for the last couple of years.  Submitting our photos to other gallery exhibits (with dis-heartening results), donating our work to local silent auctions, and even the two-month solo exhibit we were fortunate to book at the Alameda Library.  All of these were helping to get our company name out there.  Now we just have to hope that translates into lots of sales.

The art fair will take place at the end of July, and we’ll be sure to post updates with more information as we get it from the fair’s promoter.  What I can share with you right now is that it’s the Park Street Art and Wine Faire here on the island of Alameda on July 25th and 26th.  In addition to lots of local vendors selling all sorts of wares, there will also be food and wine, music, and some fun activities for kids and families to do.  I’ve been to the fair before and it’s always a good time.

So be sure to mark your calendars for July 25th and 26th.  Come on over to our booth and say you heard about it on our blog.  We’d love to meet you.