AOC 2015

It’s that time again . . . time for the annual Alameda on Camera exhibit, put on by the Frank Bette Center for the Arts!

One of the things I love about this exhibit is that it gives me a chance to see and learn new things about this lovely island I live on.  Not only do I get that chance during the weekend of picture-taking, but I also get to explore Alameda in the pieces submitted by the other artists.

It’s also fun and interesting to see myself grow as a photographer.  Each year, I’ve submitted images that are unique from the previous or following year’s pieces.  Part of that is due to having a different section, to be certain, but part of it also has to do with where I am as an artist that year.

This year, I drew the section of the island where Craig and I live, so thankfully I didn’t have to drive anywhere to shoot my pictures.  When I went out on Saturday and Sunday, I was able to just take a nice walk around my neighborhood.  I was still out for a good several hours, but it was quick and easy to come back to home base.  And–even though I’ve seen much of this area for the last two years–I still saw things I’d never noticed before:

There’s a house on my street that looks like a face House_with_a_Face


On another street, a bunch of Birds of Paradise gathered together for a social event


And I caught some great shots of the morning dew on flowers and plants

Morning_Dew_on_Rose_Leaves Morning_Dew_on_Yellow_Flower









But, as great as these finds were, they weren’t the images I chose to submit to this year’s exhibit.  In order to see those, you’ll have to come to the gallery.  😉  Just kidding.  I’ll post the images that I submitted (and that were hung up) in next month’s blog.  I don’t want to post them here before they’re up in the gallery.

Craig also got chosen for this year’s exhibit.  His section was on the other side of the island, so he had to take the car, but he also got some great shots . . . but I’ll let him write about that.

If you’re in the San Fransisco Bay area, we hope you’ll stop on by and check out the exhibit.  It runs from April 3rd through May 30th.  The gala opening is on Friday, April 10th, but feel free to come any day that it’s open.  If you come on a weekend, let Craig or I know, and we’ll gladly meet you and show you around the space.  Stop on by the Frank Bette website in order to see their hours.