Getting Publicity

In order to be a successful artist, you need to sell your art.  In order to sell your art, people have to know about you and it.  To that end, I’ve been entering contests in order to gain more followers and collectors of our art.

One contest I recently entered was to be one of 36 featured artists with ArtsyShark, and–while we weren’t chosen–we were asked to submit one of our favorite photos for an upcoming newsletter that would showcase a few other photographers.  It was a little disappointing not to be selected as a featured artist, but I didn’t bum for too long, because it was still exciting to be asked to participate in this newsletter.  Our artwork would still be seen by lots of people (ArtsyShark reaches thousands every week), which is the reason I entered the contest in the first place.

The newsletter just got published (you can find it here), and I have to say that I’m honored that our stuff was considered good enough to be included among the other artists that appear in it.  We were only allowed to submit one photo to be featured, and that proved very hard to choose, but I finally settled on the piece I call Light’s Shadow:

AOC 2014 - 227I chose this one because, when Craig asked me why this was in the running, I became the most animated when talking about why I had wanted to take it in the first place.

This wonderful opportunity is just another in a long list of ways to get our brand and art out there to the public.  I have my own work up on a site called ViewBug–it’s a great site with lots of other photographers, so it’s an opportunity to see what people are doing–and have begun an account at another art site.  We’ve also got our Greek pictures up at two restaurants in the Bay area, and we’re coming on the tail end of our solo exhibit at the main branch of the Alameda Public Library.  In researching how to have a successful art career, I’ve learned that your stuff needs to be seen about seven times by someone before s/he will contemplate buying your art.  So, these steps are all part of gaining visibility.

So please check out the newsletter and see what other art is there.  If you want to see more of a person’s photography, you simply follow the link attached to his/her name.  And, if you want some marketing advice on your own career, check out ArtsyShark (if you haven’t already).  I’ve found their articles to be very useful.

And who knows . . . maybe you’ll see either Craig or me listed as a feature artist someday.

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