Branching out

Hello everyone, Craig here. Sorry again for the late post. Today I want to talk about branching out. As most of you know, my wife Alyx and I have a website where we sell our photography and Illustration prints ( Although I have a small share of photographs myself, the majority of the photography is my wife’s. Because of this, and other factors, I’ve decided that I’m going to start a new website focusing more on my stippling images as well as portrait commissions. This new site will still be under our M•A•S Artwork branded umbrella.

BabyAthena_300max    DebrasDaughters_300max

Esther_On-the-Rocks_300max    Sheri-NY_300max

The new website isn’t up and running yet, but I’m shooting for a launch in the next couple months. This site will have a place where you can buy prints of my stipple pieces, along with some of my colored pencil portraits, and black and white images. The big difference will be that you can also commission a personal work of art there, in any of the three styles. I will have a page explaining the pricing for the different medium, and also a page with suggestions and tips on how to choose or to take photos that will result in the best artwork.

So, look for that soon, and in the mean time visit our current site where you can purchase prints of some wonderful photography and my one of a kind hand-drawn stipple artwork.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon.

Craig Smith
M•A•S Artwork



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