Unique Imagery

While I do love to take lovely landscapes and straight on shots of items (a photographer’s equivalent of a still life, if you will), I really love to capture unusual angles of everyday things.

DSC05507For instance, for my second year participating in Alameda on Camera, I was assigned a part of the island that had a small business park.  While walking around an office building I saw this objet d’art sitting out in front facing the street.  I tried capturing the essence of this art from the front and side, but it wasn’t until I went around to the back and looked at it from below eye level that the piece took on an amazing transformation.  What originally looked like just a bunch of colored pieces of metal randomly affixed to a large chunk of obsidian-like stone, now somewhat resembled a treble clef:

Treble-Clef I have no idea if this was an image the artist intended, but this particular artist thought it was a very cool find.

Railroad RorschachAlso in that section was an old, abandoned railroad track.  I got down on all fours again and took lots of shots from the street level.  I had other plans for these images originally, but during the editing process, I was struck with a bit of inspiration.  I took this image of where the old track curved, mirrored it and then mirrored that again to come up with what I call Railroad Rorschach.

Railroad-RorshachThere are so many patterns and symbols in this piece that I just love.  And I made it so that it’s equal lengths on either side, so you can hang it any way you choose.  That way–like a real Rorschach Test–it can mean different things to different people.

The final piece I’m going to share today is from several years ago, during a trip I took to London.  I had the pleasure of walking London’s streets during a mostly deserted Easter Sunday, so I was at my leisure to take whatever images I wanted to and didn’t have to worry about too many people around.  I was walking under the London Bridge and looked over at just the right time to see an amazing angle.

London_BridgeLooking at it now, I see that I need to go back and retake the photo so that I can fully capture the depth of field, which I knew nothing about back then.  But even so, I love the lines and shapes in this particular shot.

Thanks for letting me share some of my unusual angles with you.  Stay tuned for more!