Variations On a Theme

As a photographer, I’m always looking for the perfect shot.  Whether it’s a different angle, a different time of day, or countless other variables, I have to factor all of these in when looking for that image that shouts out “YES!  I’m the one you want!”

This means I end up taking anywhere from 10-30 shots of the same image.  There are a few times where I know I’ve got “it” within the first 5 shots, but it’s really rare.  I’ve also taken 10 or so shots of my subject and stopped when I thought I’d captured what I wanted to, but once I start cropping them in Photoshop, I find that one of my other shots is better than the one I thought I’d like.

That’s one of the reasons I’m SO glad there are DSL cameras nowadays.  I began taking my pictures on a Kodak Advantix, and wound up wasting so much film in my search for wonderful photos.  I do NOT miss the days of getting a roll of film back from the developers, only to find that a third of them are useless because they’re too blurry, or didn’t fully capture what I was looking for.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to pick the “right” picture, because many of them look great.  And it’s not a matter of being so arrogant that you think all of your images are gems . . . there truly are times when I’ve taken multiple shots of a subject and a lot of them are keepers because they’re all at different angles.

Take, for instance, these images of the steps at the Athens National Library.  There were so many cool and unusual angles and lines to be found there, that I’ve got five different variations of it on our website.  In one case, the only difference is between color and black and white:








Personally, I’m more partial to the b/w one, but I also think the faint color of the original helps lend some age to the shot.

I’ve also got several variations on the actual staircase and pillars:








Athens_Library_Steps_6_BWThen there’s a far shot that shows the outside of the staircase and its glorious curve:

Athens_National_Library_StepsAnd those are just the ones that I chose to put up on our site.  I’ve got three or four more in my files that I haven’t posted because I didn’t want to overwhelm people with so many versions of one subject (tho, I do suppose that any one of those might appeal to a potential customer).

So, while it’s great that I can now take as many pictures as I want and delete the ones I don’t like, I guess the “problem” (if you can call it that) is now what to do if I have a few that I think look great.

But hey, there are many artists who have several variations of a theme in their portfolio: Andy Warhol, anyone?  ;o)


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