As an artist, you constantly ride the roller-coaster of “Will they / Won’t they like my work?”  That, plus the sometimes crippling fear that your stuff is actually crap, can create some very neurotic behavior. And, unfortunately, it’s not always good enough for people to tell you they like your work.

Don’t get me wrong, it helps and feels great when you hear someone say “Wow!  I really like that piece,” or similar compliments.  But when you’re an artist who’s trying to make a living at your art, that kind of praise only goes so far.

Which is why it’s always thrilling when someone likes your work enough to actually purchase it.  It takes that “Wow!  I really like that piece,” comment and elevates it to a whole new level of validation, because someone thought it was good enough to fork over a wad of cash so s/he could own said piece.

I recently had such a moment of validation.  Someone from the Frank Bette Center for the Arts told me that one of my pieces that’s in their current exhibit, Alameda on Camera, was bought last Saturday.  It’s my piece titled Leaning Ladder, seen below:

Leaning LadderWoo Hoo!  This makes two of my images that have sold within the last 6 months!  My first sale was from our Etsy store, called, London, Tower Bridge (BW), and that was sold to an interior decorator:

London_Tower-Bridge_BWWith each sale, I start to feel less like an amateur photographer, and more like a professional.  I’ve actually sold two pieces of my work!  It’s very much like the moment when Sally Field won her first Oscar and cried “You like me!  You really like me!”  As corny as it may seem, yes, we artists feel exactly like that when someone buys one or more of our pieces.

We’re still waiting for Craig to sell one of his images, but I’m sure that’s not far off.  And, until that happens, he’s just as thrilled as I am . . . we are partners, after all. 😉 So any sale (no matter whose it is) goes into the MAS Artwork coffers.  YAY!

~     ~     ~

In addition to our new website, which Craig talked about earlier this month, we’ve also created a Facebook page for our company.  Since we’re currently only posting here every other week, our FB page is where we’ll post upcoming events or exhibits, as well as any new images we’ve taken.

Hope to see you there!

Grand Opening of the MAS Artwork Website!

trumpets trumpets2Roll out the red carpet! Sound the Trumpets!
It’s done.

We’ve completed our brand new MAS Artwork website (, and it’s up and running. You can now browse our many galleries and then purchase any of the images at a variety of sizes to hang up in your very own living room. Our payment services are with PayPal, so it’s quick and easy, and you can use PayPal itself or use your credit cards with them.

The New MAS Artwork Website

The New MAS Artwork Website

On our site, we’ve separated our photography and artwork into various galleries. They are: Architecture, Cemetery, Scenic, Stairs, Portraits, Miscellaneous and Statuary & Fountains. We will still have our images up on our Etsy site ( But we will have much MORE on our own site, with more coming all the time.

In honor of our launch, I have added a preview of my images from my recent trip to Lake Tahoe. Tahoe was beautiful as usual, and the warm low-precipitation Spring season made for some unique images showcasing a mixture of snow-capped peaks and exposed mountainsides and earth.

Fallen Leaf Lake - Lake Tahoe

Fallen Leaf Lake – Lake Tahoe

These first images are from a nearby small lake called “Fallen Leaf Lake” just south of Lake Tahoe. I caught it in the early morning, and the water was as still as ice. It was also super-reflective and clean, making it perfect for mirror shots. I had to do a bit of walking through some pine tree woods, and down a grade. It was very relaxing though as I was the only one for miles it seemed. When I reached the bottom there was a rocky edge just wide enough to stand on, and the trees parted and I was confronted with the view you see below. Beyond the mountain peak in the images is “Emerald Bay”, a famous inlet of Lake Tahoe you’ll be seeing pictures of soon. The climb back up the grade was pretty strenuous, but I had the memories of the scenes I just experienced reminding me that it’s all worth it.







Thanks for spending some time with us.
MAS Artwork