AOC 2014

I was thrilled when I was chosen to be a participant in the Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda on Camera (AOC) again this year.  This will be my fourth year as an exhibitor of the show, and I had just as much fun gathering photos this year as in previous years.

For those of you who don’t know what the AOC is all about, check out my post last month for a quick intro, as well as a chance to see some of the images I submitted to the past exhibits.

After I found out that I’d been chosen as one of the artists, but before all we 48 artists got together for the section choosing ceremony, I had lots of people asking me if I was hoping for a particular section of the island.  Each time I answered them honestly; nope.  I’ve found some amazing images each year I’ve participated, and the chance to see the island in a new way is part of the fun for me.

And this year was just as amazing; in fact, maybe even a little more so.  I like to go out early in the morning to take my shots, which means I had my section largely to myself . . . the absolutely best way to take pictures, in my opinion.  That way your mind can be fully free of any thought, which leaves it open to all the possibilities of what you see before you.  If someone else is with you, you might become distracted in your conversations and might miss an amazing shot or two.

AOC 2014 - 227

Light’s Shadow

The early morning stillness allowed me to truly hear what images were calling to me.  Like this one, for example.  The morning sun cast such a perfect shadow on this building’s wall, that it looked as if the photo was sliced in two.  And yes, the sky was that sharp a blue that morning.

Nature's Reclamation

Nature’s Reclamation

This next image is one of those that I might have overlooked had someone else been with me that day.  In fact, even by myself I nearly walked right over this flower fighting its way through the pavement.  But thankfully, I looked down just in time and caught it.  It’s almost as if the flower’s face is reaching toward the sun in the hopes of feasting on all of its life-giving properties.

But as interesting as the subjects on the ground were, my favorite shot this year was taken by simply looking up into the sky.

As I said earlier, the sky was such a clear blue, and there were so many fascinating cloud formations.  The moon was also visible, which helped create the shot I call Catching the Moon:

Catching the Moon

Catching the Moon

I had to stand and wait for the wind to blow the cloud in to the perfect position to look like it was a hand playing catch with the moon, but I think it was well worth the wait.  It’s simplistic in its beauty and I can tell you this is going to be one of my favorite shots for years to come.

If you’re going to be in the San Francisco Bay area anytime during the months of April and May, I encourage you to come to the island of Alameda and check out the exhibit at Frank Bette.  There are 47 other artists whose work will be on display as well, and each year I’ve seen some jaw-dropping images, so there’s sure to be some gorgeous pieces this year.  It’s truly a feast for the eyes.

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