Golden Gate Bridge

As my wife Alyx and I started up our MAS Artwork business, we excitedly started gathering potential images and ideas for my future stippling projects. She already had so many wonderful photos from her various travels, there were tons from which to choose. Then I also started taking my own photos in earnest. With so many images and so little time, it is always difficult to figure out which one to start on next.

One of the directions that seemed mandatory for our future business is a travelogue of tourist sites. Living in the San Francisco Bay area, it seemed only fitting that I start there. My plan is to get a good collection of 6-10 works of art that depict the traditional icons the world associates with this area. Then I can make a collection of cards or postcards to sell as a set. One of the landmarks that I have already completed is the Palace of Fine Arts. I also recently did a Victorian house, but the house I chose is in Alameda. Most people more easily recognize the “Painted Ladies” from San Francisco as the iconic image know world-wide. So, I may at some point do an image of them to add to the collection.

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Not too long ago Alyx and I decided to take a day and head out to San Francisco, and walk around taking pictures of as many tourist sites as we could fit in a day. The challenge is that each of these landmarks has been covered and documented by millions of tourist and professional photographers in millions of ways. We found that we can still get images that are unique to our eye and still make a great composition. We visited the aforementioned Painted Ladies, Seal Beach, and walked (most of the way) across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The latest work of art that I have just completed is that coup de grace of San Francisco landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge. We took pictures from both sides of the bridge, and happened to get there on a great morning where there was both sun and fog. As we were informed, if there is fog, it is normally higher on the bridge obscuring the span and cables but showing clearly the water below. We captured the reverse. It was amazing watching the seemingly solid entity creeping into the bay, yet still seeing the sun blasting the peaks of the towers. This, I tried to capture in my stippling. Here are a few images of the picture as I worked on it.

Golden Gate Bridge Stipple in Progress

Golden Gate Bridge Stipple in Progress

Golden Gate Bridge - Dipped in Fog

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge Dipped in Fog

Golden Gate Bridge Dipped in Fog

I hope you like it.

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