Alameda on Camera

Here on the island of Alameda, where I live, the Frank Bette Center for the Arts hosts an art show called Alameda on Camera.  For this show, the Frank Bette Center chooses 48 artists who get assigned a section of the map of Alameda (which has been cut up into 48 pieces).  Each artist then has the next 48 hours to take as many pictures of their section as they want.  Then those artists have a whole month to create whatever kind of art they want to out of those photos.  It doesn’t matter if it’s made of glass, fabric, or actual prints; as long as your section of the map is represented in that art, it gets hung up in the gallery.

Waiting on a FriendSo when I came across this show four years ago, I thought I wonder if my photos could be good enough to get me in.  I’d never submitted my pictures to a gallery before.  Heck, I’d never let anyone other than close family and friends see my photos before.  So it took quite a bit of bravery on my part–and encouragement from Craig–to get me to submit that first application.

Two weeks after I applied, I got the wonderful news that I had been chosen as one of the 48 artists that year!  I was so excited, not only that my stuff was considered good enough, but because I’d get to see another area of this island I call home.  Plus, I was guaranteed one piece of art to be hung up on their walls.  I would have my first art showing!  Something I’d never before even dreamed of.

Open ReflectionEach year since, I’ve applied and waited nervously to find out if I would again be among the chosen.  And each year I’ve been elated when I got the email saying that I was going to be able to participate.  I’ve found wonderful surprises in each section that I’ve been assigned, and this year was no exception.

Some of the photos I’m sharing with you are from the past years’ exhibits.  I’m not yet ready to publish the ones I’m submitting for this year’s show, but I invite you to come to the gallery during the months of April and May, when the show is open to the public.  You’ll be able to see some of my images, but there are 47 other extremely talented individuals whose art will also adorn the walls of the Frank Bette Center for the Arts.

Every year I see Alameda in new and fascinating ways, and it’s always cool to see the unique ways that my fellow artists view this lovely island.  So on behalf of them all, we look forward to seeing you there!

Illuminated Sunset

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