Stippling Victorians

Hello, Craig here.

Today I want to talk about my latest stippled piece. It is a house of Victorian design, and is probably one of the most recognizable and gorgeous on our island of Alameda. Every year, a gallery on the island [Frank Bette Center for the Arts] hosts an event called “Alameda on Camera”. It’s coming up again, so I’m sure that subject will be a blog of its own shortly, so I won’t go into it all here. Suffice it to say, that it’s a group of local artists and photographers that take pictures of various locations around the island. Alyx has done this for three years running, and I did it last year for the first time. While participating in this event, I got the idea to do a stipple piece of this grand Victorian. My assigned location didn’t include this house, but I know my Mom has frequently drooled over this place whenever she visits from South Carolina.

Alameda Victorian

That got me thinking about the various artwork my Mom has displayed in her house. Now, I’m one of three of her children, and all us siblings have a talent for art. For some reason, my Mom has very little of our works displayed. She has a couple watercolors from my sister Jenny that I know of, but the only picture she has of mine is an oil painting that I did for a painting class from community college. It was just a still life of a banana and some grapes, and I’ve never felt that it was one of my best works, and certainly not something I would say says something about me as a person or an artist.

So, when I saw the Victorian, I decided that I would create a stipple illustration of it as a Christmas present for my Mom. One of the great things about doing artwork of Victorian houses, is that it’s so much fun. They have so many details, trim, nooks and crannies that it keeps it fun. Start playing with lights and shadows and it virtually starts jumping off the page. I started work on it back in April or May last year, and got it done about a week and a half before Christmas. It sat dormant for most of the months in between, but I’m so glad I finished it in only one year (and it wasn’t that much of a deadline crunch either. Yay, me). So, I sent it off, and it arrived around Christmas, give or take a day. In the words of my Mother, she was so tickled. Now she has a beautiful original piece of artwork from her son that she can proudly show off and boast about to her friends.And here it is for you to share too.

Alameda Victorian Stipple

Thanks for coming by, and don’t forget to visit our Etsy site for many more images:

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