Greece from my camera

My Honeymoon trip to Greece was only my second foray outside the United States. Australia was my first, coming in my early forties. But Greece was the first trip I took after Alyx and I had decided to start a business selling our images. So, this was the first time we had taken our cameras on a trip with the intent of taking great professional pictures, not just snapshots of things we like. Don’t get me wrong, that philosophy is still how we choose what we take pictures of, but now we turn the camera settings to “super big and detailed”.

So far, only Alyx has put up photos on our Etsy site… until NOW. I had previously listed only my stippling artwork. This is the first time I have put my photos on Etsy, and it’s only the beginning. The photos I am adding are from our honeymoon to Greece.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon

Alyx and I started out the Greece portion of our trip in Athens, not too far from the Acropolis. For those that don’t know, the Acropolis isn’t a building, it’s essentially a mountain in the middle of Athens, and on this mountain are ruins. Among the ruins is the Parthenon, probably the most recognized structure on the Acropolis. Also, there is the temple Erechtheion. You can recognize it by the Porch of the Kariatids, which is a porch area where the pillars are carved in the shapes of women. There is also the Temple of Athena and a couple amphitheaters that we don’t have pictures of yet on Etsy.

Temple of Erechtheion, Porch of the Kariatids

Temple of Erechtheion, Porch of the Kariatids

After Athens, we went to Crete. It is a very beautiful place, and doesn’t get enough attention or credit as far as I’m concerned. We rented a car and traveled to several stunning locations on the island. One hidden gem in the middle of nowhere, near the far western coast of Crete, is the site of Agia Sofia, which is located at the side of a winding road clinging to the side of a rocky mountainous gorge. There was just enough room for a few cars to pull off the side of the road, then a long climb up a great stone stairway. At the top of the stairway was a cave with one huge cavern. There were great stalactite and stalagmite formations and you could do a lot of exploring without much danger and without going very deep into it. The cave itself is used as a church of sorts, and is still a place of religious worship. There were many other sites we visited on Crete, but I’ll confine the story to coincide with the new crop of photos. If you want to hear more, feel free comment below and ask us anything.

Stone Steps near Agia Sofia

Stone Steps near Agia Sofia

After a few days in Crete we hopped a boat to Santorini. One of the most beautiful and captivating (not to mention photogenic) places on Santorini is the town of Oia. It’s whitewashed buildings with the sky blue roofs is just as lovely as it looks in the pictures. We had fun getting lost in the veritable labyrinth of steps that wind their way up, down and sideways throughout the town.

Sunset over the Aegean near Santorini

Sunset over the Aegean near Santorini

Santorini itself is a surprisingly small island. You could rent a scooter (which we did) and putt around the entire island in a few hours at most. In a car, you could probably do it in about an hour or less. There’s a high point right in the middle of the island where you can see the whole caldera (remnants of the volcanic rim sticking up from the ocean in a large circle) and almost the entirety of the island. That was one of my favorite experiences; seeing that panoramic view. Unfortunately, Alyx and I didn’t get to spend as much time as we had planned on Santorini, but that’s a story for another time. We were, however, satisfied with the photographic opportunities we had, and the results. I hope you like the pictures as much as we do. Please check out the new batch and all the great shots my wife has also posted already at our Etsy store.

Windmill of Oia, Santorini, Greece

Windmill of Oia, Santorini, Greece

Thank you so much; don’t forget to check out all the photos at:


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2 thoughts on “Greece from my camera

    • Thanks for visiting Pearlsandparis. And thanks for commenting. My wife and I had to go back and look up the places we stayed, but we got the major ones for you. In Crete, we mainly stayed Just outside of Heraklion, in a little town called Agia Pelagia, and our place overlooked the Sea of Crete. The hotel was called Villa Bellevue and was owned by a lovely couple. The husband was Greek and his wife was from England. We also stayed one night in the West, near Chania, and a place called the Seashell Apartments. The guy who ran it was very gracious and helped us out after another place had closed for the Autumn, even though we had reservations. In Santorini, we stayed in a great place called Emmanuela Studios, in the town of Karterados. It was also a great place, and the owners took care of us, picked us up from the Ferry, and helped us with scooter rentals.
      Even though you didn’t ask about Athens, I’ll tell you that we stayed in a great place called the Athens Diamond Hotel. We had the room with a second floor solely for the jacuzzi with an amazing view of the Acropolis.


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