Tahoe, 2012

I’ve been creatively-minded all of my life; at one time, I even actually wanted to paint.  Not that I wanted to be a painter, but wanted to capture what I saw or felt on canvas.

I learned fairly quickly that I don’t have enough patience for painting.  I also learned that I’m WAY too critical of myself and my art, especially when trying to paint nature scenes.  I never felt that I got the clouds quite right, or the layering of leaves on a tree and their shadows.

I think this is why I came to love photography.  I can let Mother Nature paint her canvas and I just have to capture the beauty She creates, though even doing that isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Some days I might have to wait for more than an hour to catch the light just right, or–as happens more often than not–I’ll wind up taking 10-20 pictures of the same image, hoping that one of them is the awe-inspiring shot that I can see in my head.  Sometimes I’m successful, and sometimes I’m not.

One particular time where I’m quite certain I was successful was when my family went to Lake Tahoe in December last year.  Craig’s daughter, Athena, hadn’t seen snow since she was about two years-old (which to me, doesn’t count), and I’d been missing it myself.  Growing up in Michigan, Christmas just doesn’t feel the same to me without it.

Lake Tahoe 2012 - Snowy Bridge

Snowy Bridge

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe, near the casinos and a nice forest preserve.  I awoke before the others (as I normally do), and ventured out for a nice hike in the woods, hoping to see some lovely scenery and grab some great shots.  Boy were they FABULOUS!

Lake Tahoe 2012 - Snowy Path

Snowy Path

But the pièce de résistance for me was when I turned to look behind me and saw the morning sun shining through the trees.  This was one of those shots that I’d tried to capture a little earlier in my walk, but it took me about 10 different tries (and about 30 separate shots) to catch my favorite.

It was actually one of those moments when the beauty of nature brought tears to my eyes.  I stood in wonder of what I was seeing for a good minute or two before my brain finally engaged enough for me to snap the pictures.

Lake Tahoe 2012 - Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light

This is one of those images that I’m certain I wouldn’t have been able to reproduce using paint on canvas . . . at least, not to my liking.  So, again, I’m glad I turned to photography, where I at least have a chance of capturing it.

These and other images taken during our trip to Tahoe in December 2013 are available for your viewing/purchasing pleasure at our Etsy store.  Come and take advantage of our holiday sale, too!

Thanks for reading.


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